Years ago, when we first dreamed of opening a Burmese/Chinese restaurant, we envisioned offering not just fine food but sharing an awareness of the rich traditions behind the cuisine.

Burma, Called Myanmar since 1989, this Southeast Asian country is better known for its ancient pagodas, jade and teak-but not for its food. As a Burmese I like to share my culture with this community. That is the main reason I present Burmese cuisine in the restaurant, the Green Elephant Gourmet, to promote Burmese cuisine and culture. With my wife, Christina, we decorated our restaurant to create a charming, cozy and authentic setting, using bamboo and traditional handcrafted arts and paintings. I offer books on Burmese history and culture to customers. The restaurant serves home-cooked-style traditional Burmese cuisine in a healthy manner and with authentic taste.

There is another Burmese custom that relates to the name of the restaurant. In Burma, every Burmese has their own animal sign associated with their day of birth. People born on Monday are tiger, those born on Tuesday are lion, those born on Wednesday are elephant, those born on Thursday are rat, those born on Friday are guinea pig, those born on Saturday are dragon and those born on Sunday are phoenix.

Those born on Wednesday mornings are tusked elephant while those born in the afternoons are tuskless elephant. Because I was born in the morning on a Wednesday, my animal sign is tusked elephant. That is why we named our restaurant after the elephant. We put the word "Green" in front because we like to serve healthy and fresh food to our customers, and gourmet describes the quality for which we strive.

That is the story of how we named the Green Elephant Gourmet. We are so glad we can make friends and share my Burmese culture and Christina's Chinese culture with customers in our restaurant. We hope all our customers enjoy the food.

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