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Chinese Food Palo Alto

Far Eastern cuisine has long been an ethnic staple around the world. Probably best known for its sour, savory, and exotic flavors and its frequent use of stir frying and deep frying, Burmese and Chinese food, when well prepared, rarely disappoint either the experienced food connoisseur or a person who is trying it for the first time. In either case, The Green Elephant Gourmet is, without a doubt, the place to experience a taste of both cultures. There's an old expression that 'an elephant never forgets'; in this case, we can promise that you'll never forget the Green Elephant Gourmet, which has both the best Burmese and Chinese food Palo Alto has to offer.

The Green Elephant Gourmet

We take pride in both the food we offer and specially prepare and our excellent customer service, as we strive to make your dining and cultural experience at the Green Elephant Gourmet second to none. Our Burmese menu offers many of the traditional selections such as our culture’s variety of salads and many different curry dishes, and our Chinese menu is stuffed with all of the favorites that our customers have come to enjoy, some of which include sweet and sour pork, our many chicken dishes, and, of course, our different kinds of chow mein. There’s no lack of tasty food from which to choose.

Consider some of these distinctive elements of both the culture

and food that you’ll experience at Green Elephant Gourmet:

Burmese Experience

  • ●Strong, pungent, and delicious flavors and smells: Not only will you find our food to have a robust and full-bodied taste, but you'll also enjoy the cultural ambiance that we offer our customers, as the scent of the delicious spices that fill the air will tease your senses and whet your appetite.
  • ●Variety of Burmese Salads: Our salads are always crunchy, spicy, or sour and can be made with anything under the sun - tomato, onion, peanuts, garlic, sesame seeds, cucumber, noodles, and spices.
  • ●Mild Curries: Curry dishes are a staple of Far East cuisine, but the Burmese curries are milder - they’re cooked with a lot of oil, and, when cooked for a long enough period of time, the harshness of the chilis and the ginger can be broken down, making for an even more enjoyable culinary experience.

Chinese Experience

  • ●Different Flavors: The Chinese cultural experience can be easily reflected in its food, as each region of this expansive country can be divided by its foods’ flavors. While different regions of the country have different staple foods (such as rice, steamed buns, and noodles), China’s ‘flavor territories’ can be broken into four distinct areas: sweet south, salt north, sour east, and spicy west. All of this is part of the dining experience that we offer to our customers.
  • ●Culinary Artistry: In Chinese culture, an important part of the dining experience is the 'harmony' of every part of the meal, from beginning to end. This includes the manner in which the dish is presented to the customer. Everything can be cut into different shapes to match the plate, and the colors of the foods can be crafted to reflect a certain consistency. The aim is to provide the customer with the greatest sense of both physical and mental enjoyment while experiencing the food.
  • ●Change of Seasons: With the changing of temperatures and times of the year, Chinese cooking methods change along with it. Types of cooking methods, food, and menu offerings during colder seasons and temperatures will be thicker and richer in flavor. During the warmer times of the year, the food is typically lighter and cooler.

No matter how you slice it, the award-winning culinary and cultural experience at the Green Elephant Gourmet is exactly what you'd expect: excellent, well-prepared food, and an authentic ambiance. Our restaurant truly has the best Chinese food Palo Alto has to offer, and the best Burmese food Palo has to offer. If you're looking for that unique, one-of-a-kind ethnic dining experience in your travels around the Bay area, we're located at 3950 Middlefield Road, or you can call us at (650) 494-7391. We hope to see you soon!