Chinese Food Delivery Palo Alto

  • If it's ethnic cuisine for which you're looking, particularly Burmese or Chinese food, the Green Elephant Gourmet on Middlefield Road can still make your weekend night by providing the best Chinese food delivery Palo Alto has to offer. The best Burmese food delivery Palo Alto has to offer!

  • Far Eastern cuisine has always been a favorite of people around the world. Its sour and savory flavors and traditional stir-fried and deep-fried dishes are always first choices for both a food connoisseur and someone tasting them for the first time. Green Elephant Gourmet brings the taste of both the Burmese and the Chinese cultures to your home. We take great care to make sure your order is done properly, and our delivery service is always prompt. As the saying goes, 'an elephant never forgets' - but it's the Green Elephant Gourmet that you'll never forget. Quite simply, it has the best Chinese food in Palo Alto and the best Burmese food in Palo Alto.

The Green Elephant Gourmet

  • At the Green Elephant Gourmet, our full Burmese and Chinese menus are available for delivery: Burmese dishes such as our varieties of salads and different curries, along with traditional Chinese selections such as sweet and sour chicken and the many different kinds of chow mein are always delivery favorites. There's certainly no lack of delicious food from which to choose.

  • No matter how you slice it, the award-winning food and delivery service at the Green Elephant Gourmet is expressly what you'd expect: excellent, authentic, and well-prepared food brought to your home just how you like it and in a timely manner. If you're looking for that unique ethnic food experience that the Bay area has to offer, the Green Elephant Gourmet has the best Chinese food Palo Alto has to offer and the best Burmese food Palo Alto has to offer. Call us at (650) 494-7391 to place your order.